The Passion of Carella's

Originally from Jamaica, Carella was born with a spirit to give. Carella is gifted with her ability to cook food which she blesses others by sharing her food. Since the global pandemic, we all have had to change the way we live, so Carella's is now online with a full service website to offer products and services that can be purchased and scheduled. Carella's is going mobile! We have a food truck in the works and will be notifying subscribers with the updated schedule. When Carella's is on-site, our mobile app will also take menu orders online and notify you when your food is ready for pickup!

Carella's serves the BEST Jamaican food in North Central Florida because of the spirit behind the passion. The dishes that are served at Carella's are traditional Jamaican staples that are sure to delight. Whether you have never tried Jamaican food or you are from Jamaica, Carella's is the BEST!

Traditionally in Jamaica, every year the holiday season has fruitcake. Now, Jamaican Fruitcake is different than what a traditional fruitcake is with large chunks of fruit. Carella's Jamaican Fruitcake has fruit fermented in Wray & Nephew Jamaican Rum and Red Label Wine for weeks before the holiday season. Carella's Jamaican Fruitcake is a sweet treat and sure to please. Order yours today! We Bake & Ship in 3-5 days and ship all over the world!

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